Keep Your Equipment Running
with MIG & TIG Welding Services in Dothan, Alabama

Rebuild Your Fleet

                   with Metal Fabrication Services from Southern Blow Pipe

Strengthen your trucks and factory equipment with metal fabrication services from our company in Dothan, Alabama. The experts at Southern Blow Pipe provide sheet metal fabrication and installation services to help you replace or repair older equipment. Contact us today to schedule MIG welding or sheet metal fabrication services for your business.

Welding, Metal Fabrication in Dothan, AL

Equip your factory with new machinery with our metal fabrication services. We use metal fabrication for steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, and stainless metal projects. Our experts have access to state-of-the-art equipment including lasers to cut clean holes in thick, durable metal materials. This allows us to create products with more precision and detail than our competitors.

Equipment Repairs 

In addition to creating new equipment, metal fabrication is available for repairs. We offer repairs for trailer hitches, farm equipment, and machinery. Our repairs save you time and money because they eliminate the need for expensive replacements.

Simplifying Your Life

At Southern Blow Pipe, we will build any metal part that you require to make your life easier. We build all the parts you need precisely to reduce your downtime as much as possible. Plus, our experts use the newest and best software when designing and cutting all of your machine parts to provide you with a superior product. We also offer installation services for parts that we build and stock parts to meet your needs.

Welding, Metal Fabrication in Dothan, AL
About Us
The experts at Southern Blow Pipe opened this company more than 28 years ago to provide you with the quality welding and metal fabrication that you need to keep your business running. We provide personalized services to every customer and always stand by our work.
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